Aluminum joinery

Aluminum windows and doors design architects today increasingly also in private construction, appreciating their lightness, durability and modern aesthetics.
It is much more resistant than wood to adverse weather conditions, including biological corrosion, it also provides greater fire safety.

Modern technology gives a very wide possibilities design aluminum window frames.
Through painting and painting and suitable paints with a diversified structure, the color possibilities are virtually endless.


Aluminum system


Window handles

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  • edge
  • horizon
  • sobinox
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Door handles

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Concealed clampable INVISION hinges


  • All concealed hinges are clampable in the frame and vent groove.
  • For profiles with frame groove 14/18 mm as well as 10/14 mm.
  • The visual difference between opening windows and fixed windows will be minimal and this contributing to the total aesthetic of your interior.
  • Use of non-corroding materials: zinc alloy, stainless steel, synthetic material, silicon bronze.
  • 2011-1-web-Chrono_Invision_raam
  • 2011-2-web-Chrono_Invision_bovenscharnier_en_schaar
  • 2011-3-web-Chrono_Invision_onderscharnier


  • The hinges have a inventive, secure turn movement. The hinges have an anti-finger trap function. The space between frame and vent with an opening angle of 90° is only 5 mm so that it is safe for children.
  • The hinges offer the possibility to use extra narrow profiles. Besides the aesthetic aspect, this offers the advantage that the glass surface will be larger. Further, the vent profile moves to the side of the window while turning maximizing daylight opening.
  • The cleaning of the window frames will be easier because all the corners are easily accessible and dirt can not collect behind the visible hinges.
  • Colour-independent, so reducing stock and increasing cost effectiveness.
  • No need to remove the inner gasket to mount the hinges. A better acoustic, wind and water tightness is obtained.
  • The concealed hinges can not be damaged or spoilt during transport, installation or other work to the building.