Aluminium joinery

Aluminum windows and doors design architects today increasingly also in private construction, appreciating their lightness, durability and modern aesthetics.
It is much more resistant than wood to adverse weather conditions, including biological corrosion, it also provides greater fire safety.
Modern technology gives a very wide possibilities design aluminum window frames.
Through painting and painting and suitable paints with a diversified structure, the color possibilities are virtually endless.

Star (90 mm)

This is a new highly insulated system for windows and doors. Thanks to 45mm thermal break made of innovative materials, 3 chambers and profile depth: 90mm of window frames and 99mm of window sashes, the structure complies with Uf from 0,6 to 1,23 W/m2K – one of the best in the market.

Other features:
Innovative drainage system – no visible elements covering drain holes
One type of isolation for frame and sash
Cylindrical hinge (door) – modern, elegant and esthetic solution, invisible adjustment in 3 direction
Glazing thickness from 17mm to 82mm

Superial (75 mm)

System with improved thermal insulation and very good acoustic properties. UR<2.0 Wm2K (the DIN 4108 standard 1.0 frame group)
Profile depth is 75mm and 84mm of window sashes.
fixed frames for double glazing
single or double sash, side-hung, open-in windows
tilt&turn windows, tilt&slide windows and doors
residential doors are open-in only 

Imperial (65 mm)

Window and door high quality, three chamber system with thermal break. 
The profiles for this series are constructed of 2 hollow extrusions separated from one another by polyamide strips PA 6.6.25 reinforced with glass fibre. 
The door profile complies with UR=2,3Wm2k (the DIN4108 standard 2.1 frame group). 
Profile depth is 65mm of window frames and 74mm of window sashes.

Ecofutural (65 mm)

U values of up to 1.39W/m²K

Suitable for low-energy dwellings

Slender and sturdy

Luxus (65 mm)

This is a three chamber system with thermal break. It has specific form and shape, profiles designed to perform renovation windows and windows imitating those made od wood. Profil depth is 65mm of window frames and 69mm of window sashes.


 fixed frames for single or double glazing
single or double sash, side-hung, open in windows
 tilt and turn windows, tilt in only windows, tilt and slide windows
pivot windows, horizontal

Econoline (51 mm)

This is a system with no thermal insulation and profile depth equal to 51mm. It can be used for fixed and opening structures or building indoor walls with windows.


windows, doors and dividing walls in public and industrial buildings
single and swing doors and walls can be created in any desired angle
sliding windows


This series of high quality profiles with thermal break are applicable where more severe standards of acoustic and thermal insulation are required. The steellook is different from other window systems due to its slim sight lines that mimic those common to steel profiles.

3 chamber system
Built-in depth:
Outerframe = 90 mm
Sash = 74.5 mm
Glazing possible between 5-40 mm
Glazing rebate = 15 mm
Heat transfer coefficient 2.56 W/m2K < Uf < 3.19 W/m2K

Ultraglide HS

Sliding system with increased thermal insulation designed for the design of sliding or lift-sliding structures.
Frame width: 64 mm, wings: 100 mm.
Depth of frame: 153 mm, leaf depth: 67 mm.
Possible filling thicknesses 6 – 53 mm.
The maximum dimensions of the structure that can be made in this system are:
leaf height Hs = 3300 mm and leaf width Bs = 3200 mm
Two-way system.

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